Baltimore Jewish Community Marks “Mitzvah Day”

Baltimore Jewish Community Marks “Mitzvah Day”
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Members of the Jewish community came together Tuesday to help those less fortunate. They’re working to make the cold winter months a little easier. Jessica Kartalija has more.

On this Christmas day, members of the Jewish community of Baltimore County are giving back.

“It’s a day in the Jewish community that people typically have off work and people really want to help out,” said Ashley Pressman.

More than 600 helpers gather for Mitzvah Day, organized by the Jewish Volunteer Connection.

“At the Owings Mills JCC, volunteers put together winter care packages to be distributed to soup kitchens and shelters throughout Baltimore City and county,” said Pressman.

Fifteen hundred bags were filled with gloves, toiletries, teddy bears and snacks.

“As soon as the bags are packed, they get put in the car and they go downtown and they will be delivered. As people come in and get their Christmas meal, they are going to walk away with one of the bags we packed,” said Alan Elkin.

For children, it’s a lesson in helping others. For families, it’s a nice way to spend the holiday.

“It’s been a tough few weeks and a tough few months in the country and people are really looking for ways to form communities, to be together, to help out and give back,” said Pressman.

– The Jewish Volunteer Connection is part of the Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.


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