The Compassionate Clown Alley – Bringing joy to sick children

The Compassionate Clown Alley – Bringing joy to sick children
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Lev Leytzan believes that laughter has the power to heal bodies, minds, ans spirts. They also believe that our compassionate medical clowning is a serious business that takes training and dedication. Through a unique collaboration between medical professionals and circus artists, we have developed a rigorous program to train youths and adults in the art of medical/therapeutic clowning. During months of intensive work, our clowns are given the tools and the confidence they need to deliver joyful, restorative experiences to the sick, mentally challenged, frail and elderly. This playful, free-form engagement not only lifts the spirits of the sick, it has actually been shown to have an impact on the healing process. Lev Leytzan clowns serve people of all ages and abilities with warmth, sensitivity, and love.
The therapeutic clowns at Lev Leytzan include both volunteers and paid professionals, all of whom give long hours of their lives to train and prepare for their work. Our clowns travel locally and abroad to help heal and lift the spirits of the sick and needy.
We bring compassionate clowning to hospitals, nursing homes, seniors’ centers, special-needs camps, and private homes in the United States and abroad. Last year, Lev Leytzan clowns provided therapeutic healing to nearly 8,500 people, including special trips to nursing homes in Israel, Budapest, Hungary and Bucharest, and Romania.
Established in 2004, Lev Leytzan is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) based in New York.
We rely entirely on volunteers and donations to manage our many programs and services.
“It’s a beautiful thing they do – bringing joy to the patients and their families.” – Michelle Silvestri, supervisor of the department of therapeutic recreation Nassau County Medical Center.
Lev Leytzan is led by a multidisciplinary board of directors that includes representatives from the community, the medical establishment, and the arts, as well as spiritual leaders and program alumni.


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