Jewish Global Kindness Programme

Jewish Global Kindness Programme
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With a base of 75 Los Angeles based Jewish families anonymously supported, one person at a time, Global Kindness mission is to support and extend these services to as many as 300 needy Jewish families in the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Through the charitable donations of our community we distribute clothes, food, money for rent, bills, moving costs, day school tuitions, car, clothing, furniture, toys, health and beauty supplies as well as a multiple of services to those in need. We receive and pick up donations from individuals and organizations such as caterers and restaurants
and later distribute these donations to the families and individuals that need them. When it comes to services we connect those in need, with doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc, who donate their time and experience pro-bono, to help those who otherwise would not be able to afford these basic services. For a full list of the services provided click here.

Your help means everything to us. It is individuals like you that are the heartbeat of our organization. We accept all kinds of donations and any help will always be gratefully appreciated. Monetary donations are always best, as it can be transformed into whatever our families need. However as mentioned before, furniture, cars, toys, clothing, health and beauty supplies, appliances, etc are always welcomed.

Donating your time is also a great way to help. If you are able to provide a service pro-bono you will be helping us help those in need.

We are currently looking for the following professionals to donate their time:
Doctors, beauticians, massage therapists, psychologists/psychiatrists, counselors, dentists, special ed. therapists, tailors, and caterers. All trades and services are welcomed.

Whatever contribution you can make will make a world of difference. To donate and show your support, please click on the “donate now” link above and you will be directed to our donation page. If you would like to donate your time and services, please contact Yaelle or Nouriel directly via email or phone.

Thank you for supporting Global Kindness. We invite you to continue navigating our site and learn more about our organization, what we do, and how you can help.


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